The History

                      The history of BOXMARK Leather is inseparably linked to the production and processing of leather as a natural product. Traditional leather production for over 200 years’ ranges from vegetable-tanned sole leather, shoe leather and chamois to the modern-day industrial production and processing of high-class upholstery leather for different industry sectors.

                      BOXMARK could not have operated so successfully without the men and women who have done such an excellent job through all the years. BOXMARK’s success story is forever linked to their dedication, commitment and passion for leather as an extraordinarily unique natural product.

                      1780: Launch of Jennersdorf tannery, Austria. Sole leather production
                      1840: Production of vegetable shoe upper leather
                      1914: Production of shoe upper leather for the Imperial and Royal Army of the Austrian Empire

                      After World War I the production site was moved from Jennersdorf to Kaindorf, Austria

                      1936: Launch of a new tannery in Leibnitz and Nubuck and Nappa leather production for the garment industry
                      1940: Involvement in wartime economy procurement
                      1948: Start of leather upholstery production for furniture industry
                      1953: Restructuring and focusing of the entire production line on the manufacture of high-quality leather upholstery
                      1956: Manufactured products are exported to 9 European countries
                      1960: Leather Production quantity is about 4,000 m² daily 

                      1982: Relaunch of "Lederfabrik Schmidt-Feldbach" in Feldbach, Austria, Plant I
                      1985: A new split leather plant in Feldbach
                      1986: Newly built fully biological company sewage treatment plant in Feldbach
                      1989: Expansion and completion of a second tannery in Feldbach, Plant II
                      1990: Set up of a contemporary finishing plant in Feldbach, Plant I/II

                      1991: Further expansion of in-house sewage treatment plant handling sewage for the equivalent of 250,000 people
                      1995: Starting the production of BOXMARK d.o.o. for cutting and sewing work in Slovenia
                      1997: Opening of a new, fully integrated leather production plant including a sewage treatment plant in Jennersdorf (southern Burgenland), Austria, Plant III
                      1998: Expansion of cutting and sewing plant in Slovenia
                      2000: Relaunch of Schmidt-Feldbach company to BOXMARK World Leather

                      2001: Founding of BOXMARK d.o.o. for cutting and sewing work in Croatia
                      2002: Opening of a highly sophisticated Research and Development Center (RDC) in Feldbach, Austria
                      2002: Starting the production of a fully integrated tannery in Argentina (Toredo S. A.)
                      2005: Opening of a cutting and sewing plant in Croatia
                      2006: Starting the production for finishing of leather in Argentina (Toredo S. A.)

                      2010: Development of XTREME 
                      2010: Modernisation of the cutting and sewing plant in Slovenia
                      2011: Opening of a Research and Development Center/Sales Service Center in Gaimersheim/Germany
                      2012: Expansion of the Research and Development Center in Slovenia
                      2012: Founding of a further plant for leather processing in Croatia (Zlatar-Bistrica)

                      2013: Opening of BOXMARK (Zhejiang) Auto Interior Co., Ltd, the new leather production plant in China
                      2014: Founding of BOXMARK Leather Mexico SA de CV, the new leather processing plant in Mexico
                      2015: Founding of BOXMARK Leather Holding GmbH
                      2015: Development of the ecological leather innovation XGREEN
                      2016: Launch of the designer furniture "XTREME Collection"

                      2017: Expansion of the leather processing plant in Mexico

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